Erika O'Donnell MSc, Registered Psychologist

Counsellor Supervision


I have been teaching on Master Programs in Counselling and Psychology for a number of years and therefore have a lot of experience of supervising counsellors in training during their internships, as an external supervisor in the workplace and therapists starting out in private practice or those who are more experienced requiring supervision from time to time.

Getting regular and good supervision ensures that you keep developing as a therapist and that clients get the best care possible. In supervision we focus on the formative (learning), the restorative (support) and the normative (managerial) issues.


  • Maintaining and facilitating competence and capability
  • Skills of practitioner
  • Professional/ethical conduct
  • Professional identity


  • Encouraging emotional experiencing in relation to the work
  • Identifying transference / counter transference
  • Buffer against stress/impact of work
  • Disclosure of practice issues
  • Helps prevent burnout/compassion fatigue


  • Case management and quality control issues
  • Progress of entry into profession/ongoing monitoring of best practice
  • Standard of care to clients